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Humanitarian and economic College in Yesik

Esik, Abay street, 320 8 (72775) 7-32-00
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Humanitarian and economic College in Yesik - Colleges на образовательном портале

Humanitarian and economic College in Yesik - Colleges на образовательном портале

Esiksky humanitarian-economic College is a special school in Almaty region. For fifty years of operation, the College has trained more than twenty thousand graduates from secondary education, most of whom work in education and Finance.

Experienced teachers have created the opportunity for analytical studies, based on the work of the Swiss University of business and management INSAM, with the result that our College was awarded the International sign of 'Golden Owl'.

2016 saw the capture of first place in the gold rating of the professionalism and award 'Leader of Industry in 2016.'

New furniture, comfortable desks, chairs and modern technical means of learning, located in 47 classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, three hundred computers with Internet access. There is a private hostel with 400 beds.

For residents of rural County, when you receive a discount on the entire period of study. Professions that you can study at our College:

• Primary education

• Elementary school teacher

• The teacher of a foreign language

• Basic secondary education

• Teacher of the Kazakh language and literature

• Teacher of Russian language and literature

• Teacher self

• Early childhood care and education

• Educator in primary schools

• Music education

• The music teacher in preschool and secondary school

• Records management and archival studies

• Account Executive

• Translation studies

• Teacher of physical education and sport

• Tourism

• Manager

• The technician-programmer

• Accounting and auditing

For admission to the school must pass random creative examinations on General grounds, when entering after eleventh grade, a certificate of UNT is not required.

Waiting for you and your documents are highly skilled in our school and hope that the training in our College will bring you essential knowledge and will help later in life.

Sergei Monov 17/03/2020

Похожу мимо каждый день. Не чего особого в нем нет.

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