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College at Semey Shakarim State University

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College at Semey Shakarim State University

College at Semey Shakarim State University

The Association of pedagogical, veterinary, and technological universities became the basis for the birth of Shakarim University in 1995. The pedagogical University was the oldest University in the country, founded in 1934. Semipalatinsk veterinary Institute was opened in 1952, and Technological Institute - in 1963. The merger of three educational institutions into one University was due to the resolution of the Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 13, 1995. Five years after its Foundation, the state financial Institute joined the University. Only in 2013, the merger of universities was completed and the state University named after Shakarim of Semey was formed.

Our educational institution trains professionals of a wide profile, who are in demand in the modern social and humanitarian labor market, in almost thirty specialties of master's degree, forty — bachelor's degree, and five-doctoral studies.

Students can realize their talents and abilities in the debate clubs "Congress", "Parasat", in the team of the club of fun and resourceful, in fashion studios, the Alliance of students of Kazakhstan, the team" Enatus " and other student organizations.

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