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College named after Suleyman Demirel in Almaty

Almaty, Toraigyrov street, 19 +7 (727) 229-77-00
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College named after Suleyman Demirel in Almaty on educational portle Kazakhstan

College named after Suleyman Demirel in Almaty on educational portle Kazakhstan

The College of Suleyman Demirel is an educational institution of the world level. Was established in 2011, the international public Fund 'KATEV', which has over 34 different educational institutions, including the Kazakh-Turkish lyceums and universities. The school provides the educational process in three languages, but mostly in English, according to the most in-demand professions. Students have the right to study under the student exchange program with foreign partners. To develop the practical knowledge we have a formal contract with various organizations.

Cultural and leisure life of the students also varied. We have seven different clubs in which students can develop and relax. Training takes place in the following specialties: 'computer engineering and software', 'Preschool education and training', 'Primary education', 'Accounting and audit'. Have excellent material resources and qualified teachers. In the school there are many rooms to explore specialties, a fully computerized classrooms. We prepare specialists for small and medium business, have a perpetual license and teach students in two languages: Kazakh and Russian.

The main feature of our institution is a complete approach to practical work. Discounts are available to students who graduated from high school on 4 and 5, as well as students to students in well at our College.

Upon completion, graduates receive a state diploma. You will be able to continue training in higher educational institutions of our country and abroad. Our graduates always find good jobs due to only one of our College, as no other does not prepare employees for our unique specialties.

For admission to the school must pass the exam of KTA on a General basis, when entering after eleventh grade, a certificate of UNT is not required.

Waiting for you and your documents are highly skilled in our school and hope that the training in our College will bring you essential knowledge and will help later in life.


Merey M. 27/03/2021

Достойный колледж.

василий куцуков 09/12/2020

Парковка есть.

гость знаменитый 28/10/2020

Автобус 113 после восьми вообще не факт что будет ехать

Сардар Ш. 12/03/2020

Отличный лицей!!!

almarussya ivanova 26/01/2020

Если взять образование то да согласен оно сильнее чем в обычной школе.
Сам отец и знаком с ситуацией.
А вот что они вокруг своего образовательного учреждения устроили так это хламовник и ещ ж-к строят на своем огороде.

Ichukcha.ivan 30/12/2019

Любимый колледж

Maiya I. 19/10/2019

Учителя профессионалы своего дела

Анонимный отзыв 21/09/2019

Самый лучший универ и колледж

Нұрасыл Т. 10/09/2019

5из 5 нравился. Это один топ место обучение в Казахстане

Bekarys Malik 04/04/2019

Отличный колледж

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