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Alma City Education Center

Zhunisova Street-10 k13; Nauryzbaysky district, Almaty city&
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Alma City Education Center -

Alma City Education Center -

The alma city education center will teach your child how to study. We will be able to increase interest in learning, effectively conduct classes and provide the necessary knowledge with high quality. Thanks to our qualified teachers, with extensive experience and numerous awards, the learning process becomes high-quality and professional. All Our Classes are held in equipped classrooms, there are numerous materials for work. The developed training methods allow you to immerse yourself in the study "with your head", understand the meaning and purpose of training and find the way to your dream. we work with children and adults: learning english and kazakh, speed reading, early development in children, preparing for school, and conduct distance learning. we offer a variety of classes, interesting tasks and materials, and the opportunity to put your skills into practice. your learning is in safe hands - make learning easy and interesting. Our center will open for you a huge database of knowledge, useful tips and manuals, so that you can properly plan further education and can independently study school subjects. Come right now and learn a lot of new and interesting things!

Even the youngest can learn the school curriculum in a few classes. We are engaged in the early development of children who begin their educational journey. This is a responsible process, behind which is the future of the child-and therefore it is so important to take this matter seriously. The earlier you master the basic knowledge, the more likely you are to learn successfully in the near future. give your child high-quality knowledge for success. If you have dreamed of learning English, we will help you realize it. Our intensive course will allow you to master basic skills with which learning will become clear and interesting. And after a month of classes, you will be able to fully learn the structure of the language, learn a lot of words and rules for correct application. Our children's clubs will allow you to achieve success in creativity and sports. You will be able to develop in all directions, and success will only grow. Our center will be able to teach you, even on weekends-weekend groups will allow you to study every day, and monitor the children while you are busy. Rest assured - we will make your training effective. For the accessibility of our training, we have launched distance learning, which opens the "doors of knowledge" at your home. You will be able to study subjects at any time, increase the number of classes and hours. All you need to do is sign up for the course by phone. Come to the center, and see our possibilities, which are endless. your training is saved - you will be satisfied with the quality!

Alma City Education wishes you success in your studies. Don't waste your time, start learning right now. we are always waiting for children who want to develop!

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