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Almaty Kurs training center

Pushkin street-2/76; Medeu district, Almaty city+7-747-110-23-70+7-707-795-77-55
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Almaty Kurs training center

Almaty Kurs training center

Almaty Kurs training center is your chance to master professional skills for the profession of cosmetologist and other services. Our teaching staff teaches you how to properly perform services: massage, shugaring, snail therapy, manicure, pedicure, extension, makeup and tattooing. Master classes, trainings and real practice are held. Our center provides training in demand occupations, and most importantly in several languages. You will become the owner of many years of experience, in a short time. Come to our free class to make sure that we are professional. Our experts, with many years of experience, will teach you the basics of tool ownership, how to properly deal with care and understand what the client expects. You will go through the stages of preparation, where each time the experience and load increases. We have all the necessary equipment to perform any service in practice. At the end of our courses, you will receive a certified document that allows you to work in any salon, and everyone will know that you are a professional in your field. For already trained professionals, we conduct trainings on business development and hiring employees. You will become a teacher, create your own start-up business and start competing in the market. Also, our direction Is consulting on tax reporting for sole proprietors.

We have been on the market for four years, and have produced more than a thousand specialists. All students are happy with the result, and advise their friends. For those who wish, we are engaged in retraining, and we do it quickly and efficiently. You complete the entire training program in stages, and we check your results every week. You will combine theory and practice. We are the very first to teach in Kazakh and Russian, which allows us to better teach the program. At your request, you can master a variety of directions and become a master of your craft. If you have a base of your own direction, we will appreciate your abilities and offer to study a separate direction. Our approach to training is relevant and reliable, because we monitor the market of cosmetic services. This allows you to remain in demand at the end of the course. We encourage creativity, and innovative solutions are the key to your success in any business. Our center provides a convenient schedule where you decide when and how much to hold classes. You can immediately see the result by attending several classes - success will be consolidated if you continue to study and train in your direction. You will be able to train on modern equipment, practice your skills, and work with real people in the future. Your skill is in your hands.

Almaty kurs center-get only the best knowledge in the field of cosmetic services, and become a master in any direction.

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