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Baiterek educational center

1st microdistrict Samal; Medeu district, Almaty city+7 (707) 852 58 86
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Baiterek educational center

Baiterek educational center

Baiterek educational center is the best place to prepare for all exams and courses. We conduct trial tests every week, gather groups of eight people, implement the best motivation program, select an individual program for each student, always in the first place in the lists of applicants. As practice shows, frequent testing increases student performance. We have implemented an auction system that turns your skills into expensive gifts. During a certain period, we introduce a currency unit that is earned in the course of academic work. These are: homework, tests, creative tasks, test papers, thematic and Olympiad tasks-everything turns into points. We hold auctions in different subjects. After reaching a certain amount, these points are exchanged for various prizes, from random to custom. This approach to current learning develops children's sense of purpose, responsibility, and assimilation of educational material.

In order for all our students to reach heights, we have abandoned the usual training to ensure maximum benefit in the learning process. Our teaching staff creates an individual program for each student, so that all graduates are at the same level. We have implemented an innovative quality and performance assessment system for all students. This allows you to find out the percentage of readiness, place among all students, and provide progress to parents. We offer comprehensive training, where many hours are allocated for language development. We give you all the necessary skills to understand the language and structure of speech. All these skills will be useful when entering an intellectual school or other prestigious institution. We have Tutors who will improve your school knowledge and help you master the necessary material.

We conduct trial classes, give tests and individual material to calculate your academic performance. And after that, you will decide on the direction, and the need to pull up some knowledge. We offer cascading discounts, nice bonuses, mass thematic events, individual clubs, and creative seminars. Our partner programs are aimed at in-depth study of the material, application of the acquired skills and the opportunity to show their talents. All our efforts are used for your training. An innovative approach to the educational process, a professional system of analysis, training events-give great opportunities in the future to enter any educational institutions and study abroad.

You can choose the intensity of training based on your goals. And we will select an individual approach for you and improve your skills: in school subjects, final and entrance exams. Join our friendly team, develop, take international courses, and reach unprecedented heights!

айым к. 22/04/2020

Лучший центр в мире

Bogdan C. 21/02/2020

Хорошо обучают!!!

almarussya ivanova 27/01/2020

Очень интересная подготовка и как бы это выразить подход к детям.
А главное молодые специалисты которые по другому преподносят детям, моя дочь так в школу не рвется как к ним.
Бизнес центр правда в котором находится странноватый и неухоженный.

YERZERZEY 11/11/2019

Хорошое обучение

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