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educational center Academy of Sciences GKB

​Baiseitova street-45; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7-777-978-32-48
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educational center Academy of Sciences GKB

educational center Academy of Sciences GKB

GKB Academy of Sciences educational center - training courses for children who want to develop. We have the strongest coaching staff in the country: authors of problems, winners of international Olympiads, teachers of various competitions. We teach online, in groups of 6-10 people, several classes a week. Our students get full access to educational materials: books, videos, manuals, and more. We have been on the market for several years, and we are constantly improving the training system and online program.

We teach children how to effectively master school material, maximize their concentration and attention to tasks, and develop productive learning skills in practice. Our center is preparing for a new learning system that uses testing materials for the calculation of progress. We take breaks to talk to students and answer their questions, and then continue our training with a new attitude. Our coaches treat each student as their own and give an individual approach. We have the strongest coaching staff, and we are proud of it. We have many medals and awards for the most difficult international Olympiads, competitions and certifications. All famous schools and lyceums want to train their students with us, because we guarantee victory and motivate them to succeed. We will teach the child to think, analyze and successfully apply the knowledge gained in practice. Our entire stream successfully passes the exam and enters only the best educational institutions in the country.

Our center has the strongest coaching staff. Teachers-create their own unique and innovative approach to current training. Each school day is scheduled by topic and has a practical laboratory work with tests for fixing. We teach children so that they get a love of learning and continue to develop their skills. To achieve this, we decided to turn the learning process into an interesting and effective educational program. This allows you to reach unprecedented heights, and it is easy to learn the training material. We practice not only theoretical skills, but also teach you how to apply them in practice-tests, exams, tasks with different levels of complexity. Breaks are the main part of the learning process, because you need time to fully assimilate in order to continue to gain knowledge. We want to show that learning is easy and, most importantly, useful. Our Olympic winners pass on the invaluable experience of their first attempts, so that you do not stop there and continue your journey. Start with our introductory course and improve your level. And if you have basic baggage, you can choose a suitable stage for yourself, or go through the selected directions for full development. Study at any time convenient for you: in the morning or in the afternoon, three or five times a week-everything for your education. We will prepare you for any exams and courses for admission to the best educational institutions.

GKB educational center training courses are a profitable way to get an education!

Нургуль Г. 24/01/2020

Академия наук славится педагогическим составом. Если нужно подготовить детей по точным наукам, а в частности по математике, то срочно сюда. И локация прекрасная, везде можно найти транспорт.

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