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175 Nazarbayev Avenue; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 250-97-38 +7-777-150-51-51
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training center

training center

Lessons training opportunity to develop a child's love of learning. We work in several areas: mathematics, physics, art, exam preparation, programming, and robotics. Our teaching staff is unique and always motivated to teach children new discoveries. They have extensive work experience, pedagogical education, technical knowledge and interest in their activities. We give you the opportunity to show imagination and creativity to make classes more interesting and effective. For each student, we create an individual approach, select a training program, and motivate them to make new discoveries. To expand our horizons, we created robotics and programming circles. This means that students get more knowledge in such lessons for a long time. We provide professional training for teachers to improve their skills and learn to go beyond the usual training framework. According to our training system, the student is engaged with specialists: twice a week-individually with a tutor or in a group with a coach. This way, the learning process will be more effective and all the acquired skills will be gradually consolidated.

Our prices depend on the chosen training system: individually or in a group of five people, the selected number of days and the course. Due to this, you can choose the level and pace of training, direction and goal of our program. We conduct face-to-face classes in the city center and remote classes on various platforms. Classes are held in equipped rooms, where there is everything necessary for full development. Making students active is our main goal, because we encourage independent thinking and love of learning. For versatile people, we have created robotics classes – this is a popular way to show the work of engineers and programmers in action. Students put into practice the knowledge gained in algebra, geometry, and physics classes. To learn the basics, popular children's kits are used so that children can build their own robot, understand its structure, and design others. For more experienced students, we provide a real development environment, and kits with great creative potential. Such sets help to develop programming skills, logical thinking, design and shows that programming is simple. In programming classes, children learn well-known programming languages, learn the basics of object-oriented programming, and start creating their own programs. Our main goal is to give more practical skills, work on a real project and be able to present it. We have all the opportunities to develop all skills in any direction. Come to trial classes, check your level of training, and start practicing your skills.

Reach unprecedented heights in training with us, and we will guide you!

Владимир М. 21/12/2020

Отличный учебный центр. Персонал вежлив и пунктуален. Цена-качество на 5 из 5. В общем советую.

виктор носов 23/10/2020

отличное место

Олжас Е. 28/11/2018

Очень хорошые дополнительные знания и лучше даже чем школа. Здесь учится без давление и с улыбкой.

Михаил К. 24/10/2018

Отличные занятия по робототехнике

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