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Smart Planet educational center

Balzak street-8; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7‒777‒178‒13‒06
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Smart Planet educational center

Smart Planet educational center

Smart Planet educational center - comprehensive preparation for any entrance exams and General development. We will help you with the direction of development, how and where it is best to do, what is best to learn and remember, and how to properly apply your new skills. You will be satisfied with the quality and efficiency of our teachers, because they are qualified specialists in their field. They will always come to the rescue, find a rational solution to any problem, and most importantly will not let you repeat old mistakes. We prepare students for the next school year and help them learn school material. You will be able to prepare for any tests and exams, master a complex school curriculum and develop creative skills. We prepare children and students of all ages. Groups are made up of eight people, and each lesson is held in a variety of ways: a conversation, a knowledge test, and viewing video material. Learning will become easier when you fully immerse yourself in it.

We work for results, you only need perseverance and a desire to learn new knowledge. Come to our trial classes and find out what you can do. And then develop your skills with us. We train students of all ages. If you have basic skills and do not want to re - pass the General material, but study separately selected subjects-we can offer private and field classes. You will be able to concentrate faster and learn the curriculum more effectively. With us, you will be able to pass any test and exam, successfully pass the Olympiad and prepare for the new academic year. You will become a round excellent student, and will be able to pass the material above the level. As soon as you pass the first stage of our program, we will test your knowledge in tests. Most often, gaps appear at the verification stage, and this is a good thing. After all, we can find out exactly where the child is experiencing difficulties, and effectively solve this problem. You will definitely be proud of your child when they can do their own homework and bring home only the highest grades. We will teach children how to allocate time correctly and effectively, look for other possible solutions, and study the material independently every day. As soon as you learn this, further training will become commonplace for you. It is important for us to pass on all our teaching experience so that children can successfully pass any difficulties, and most importantly-continue to develop their mental abilities. Studying in our center is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and enroll in the best educational institution in the country. We will help you with the selection and admission. After all, the result of each student is important to us, and we always fulfill our goals. Every year, our graduates successfully complete Olympiads, enter prestigious schools, and recommend studying with us.

Our approach to education can teach your child to develop independently and pass the most complex program.

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