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Zerek educational center

Ainabulak - 3 microdistrict, Zhetysu district, Almaty city+7-707-431-63-61; +7-707-437-63-61
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Zerek educational center -

Zerek educational center -

Zerek educational center-will reveal the creative potential in your child, and teach foreign languages. We provide services: educational assistance; language schools; early childhood development training; vocal courses; music courses. Your talents and prospects will be appreciated. We help you find your calling, learn your dream talent, and take your skills to the next level. We have all the equipment and tools for training, as well as first-class teachers who are ready to share their many years of experience. Among our students, competitions and contests are held to raise the pace and mood. Our center has a flexible schedule. We recruit children of all ages. You will be trained in stages, being in a group of six people. There you will start with the basics, and conquer the heights of art. If you have enough experience, you can take individual training, studying only selected areas. Training in mental abilities also affects other areas of activity. Learning a new foreign language means getting more intellectual and mental abilities. It is recommended to start studying at an early age, so that the process is as effective as possible. Your child will be able to do everything, and therefore the pursuit of development will become easier. We have up-to-date and effective methods and programs that are aimed at obtaining creative and individual skills. Our goal is to reach heights in any business. Find and develop your talent with us, we help you in everything!

We are engaged in early development for the youngest. This is a difficult period in a child's life that must be successfully overcome. We offer only the best tutorials and materials that provide a good basic Foundation for further learning. For those who already have enough knowledge, or are studying at school-we help in training. Without proper skills, the school curriculum becomes complex and difficult to learn. And we teach easily and effectively. Our qualified teachers know how to present the material and give you the opportunity to get life skills on your own. This will allow the child to realize that learning is interesting and fun. And when he grows up, he will be able to study any subject, thanks to his strong knowledge base. For each child, we need an individual approach, and we have it. We check the progress and quality of knowledge of all children, and also conduct a conversation. Change is an important part of school life. Children can relax and talk about their progress, run and warm up on the street. Security is monitored by security guards and teachers. Do not delay your training, and even more so with your favorite thing. Be happy that you are good at it, and you will be able to do everything.

Zerek is a language learning center and an opportunity to learn new talent.

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