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1700 villages of Kazakhstan do not have their own schools

1700 villages of Kazakhstan do not have their own schools
In our Republic, nearly 1700 villages have no schools, this was said by the representative of the Committee for the protection of children's rights Nurbek Orshubekov at the press conference of the CCS.
He said that last year the children from these villages had to travel to school by special buses or even to live away from parents, in school boarding houses.
'Last year showed that in 2017 26 700 children who did not attend school in their villages, in the absence thereof, are transported in the available schools, and the remaining 3200 were living far away from family and friends. Today for pooling is used more than 800 buses, and is updated each year, approximately 80 buses' - said the representative of the Ministry of education and Science.
He also added that children are transported free of charge by local government offices, who claim that and this year work on the distribution will be established.
'The village have a small number of children, so for the transportation of children, we cooperate with the Ministry of internal Affairs in chastnosti for security and tracking of these buses' - he added.

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