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52 000 kg of meat purchased in one of the female universities

52 000 kg of meat purchased in one of the female universities

Kazakh women's pedagogical University provides food to two thousand students completely free of charge, for that they were purchased almost 52 000 kg 75 million tenge. As it became known on the website of public procurement.

The University confirmed that the grants do free feed 3 times a day. The University said that this is his distinguishing feature compared to other universities in the CIS.

'Food purchased from approved suppliers in accordance with the laws on public procurement. The amount of meat will help to prepare students as much as 214 days. A day is spent per student is approximately 121 grams of meat. Diet enough are different that allows them to correct and delicious to eat – salads, hot dishes, vegetables, fruits, sweets and dairy products.' - explained on the website.

The calculation shows that indeed, if you buy meat for 2000 students and feed them daily for 214 days portion of meat 121 grams out of 52 tonnes.

The University added that students provide meals in accordance with the resolution of the Government dated 12 March 2012 'On approval of the size, sources, types and regulations of providing social assistance to citizens who receive social assistance'. The supply of meat is carried out upon request of the University depending on the needs (number of students) for first and second courses.

On 4 July, acting Deputy Director of the Department of anti-corruption policy of the Agency for civil service Affairs and anti-corruption Didar Smagulov on his page on Facebook touched on the subject of dinners, but in another University. He wrote that according to the application on the website of e-government lunch each 20 students of KazNAU cost 217,5 thousand tenge. Online procurement is available agreement, which indicates that over 4.3 million tenge University feed 20 students.

The University also said that the money used for the intended purpose, and violations of the rules of public procurement, in the opinion of management of the University, was not because there were fed five times more students during the month.

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