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What awaits Almaty schoolchildren in the second quarter

What awaits Almaty schoolchildren in the second quarter
The Department of education of Almaty told how the educational process will take place in the next quarter of this academic year.

On November 9, the Department of quality control and safety of goods and services of the city of Almaty decided that schools will open deruzhrny classes for 5th grades, and in international schools, duty classes will be open up to the 7th grade at the request of parents. At the same time, the occupancy of duty classes should be no more than 15 people. In addition, schools with fewer than 300 students and fewer than 15 students in classes were allowed to operate normally.

Kairat Zhumanov, Deputy head of the Department of education of Almaty, noted that only children who do not have any chronic diseases are allowed to study in duty classes. At the same time, the right to choose to teach children remotely or in the classroom on duty belongs to their parents or legal representatives of the children.

Earlier it was reported that the chief state sanitary doctor of Almaty allowed work for 1-5 duty classes from the second quarter in the city's schools.

In the first quarter, duty groups in grades 1-4 were opened. In 140 public schools of the city, 985 duty classes were opened, in which 12,928 children studied. In 56 private schools, 582 duty classes were opened with 7,056 students.

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