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How the principle of the secular state is implemented in education and healthcare

How the principle of the secular state is implemented in education and healthcare

The draft comprehensive plan for the implementation of state policy in the religious sphere of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2021-2023 indicates how the principle of a secular state in education and healthcare will be implemented in the country.
The document was developed and posted for public discussion on the portal "Open NLA" by the Ministry of Information and Social Development.
This project says that the state, which will have a secular structure, is an important achievement of Kazakhstan and its people, which will become an important part of the history of our Republic.
The constitutional measure on the secular disposition of the country is considered the main feature of state-church relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Social relations, including the concept of national work, creation, culture, sports, health care, family and marriage institutions, as well as other areas belonging to the country's area of ​​responsibility, are regulated only by legislation.
The document notes that the education system plays a very important role in the formation of a person's patriotism for their homeland, respect for the national and spiritual traditions of the people of the country in which they live.
Teaching the latest course in the subject "Society and Religion" in various educational organizations, such as schools and universities, will be aimed at forming the student's scientific knowledge about the peculiarities and history of various religious teachings, educating young people in the spirit of peace, cultural and religious diversity.

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