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Comics will introduce Junior physics

Comics will introduce Junior physics
Soon in Kazakhstan will be comics that will talk and familiarize pupils with the basics of physics. This interesting project came up in the Scientific and educational Foundation named after academician esenova. Earlier, as everyone knows, the comics was just entertaining. The purpose of this publication is to provide information to the Junior classes on physics and what they have to teach in high school, to awaken interest in science.
'Comics work is very colorful and informative, the basis for them is the material of the book Interesting physics, authored by Yakov Perelman. Plot is the adventure of four classmates, who constantly get into absurd situations and are the most interesting test. Comic will come out in the state and Russian languages, which is available to explain information to children from 10 years, shows what they do not notice in everyday life and will excite their interest in science' - said the head of the project.
The idea belongs entirely to Kazakhstan, the project is fully printed by a local printing house.
'This project was an interesting challenge. Transfer of applied physics through the action in the comic is an unusual and difficult task. We are confident that the product will be dynamic, the children will read it, looking forward to each new edition' – shared the head of the art Studio Orazkhan a Zhakupov.
In the first issue in the story, the characters fall into the Charyn canyon, where he met with the Physics. Later they will visit other interesting places in Kazakhstan. According to the creators, the parallel will pass also the acquaintance of young readers with his native country.
The comics will begin to spread through the cities of the Republic to the beginning of next year. Part of the number of printed copies of each issue will be free to transfer to the libraries of secondary schools in the country.

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