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Spidkubing will introduce across the country

Spidkubing will introduce across the country
Previously, the owner has promoted in the international competition for high-speed collection of Rubik's cube in Semey. Championship the participants came from all regions of Kazakhstan, and also from Holland, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Iran 136 applicants aged 5 to 39 years.
Speedcubing will appear throughout the country. This idea was decided to implement one of the businessmen of Semey. The section on training he plans to open in all regions of the country, what gave us information 'Kazinform'.
Arman Masimov - the businessman of Shimei, which inspiration gave his own son collects cube-Rubik.
'I think it's important what's important for the younger generation. I decided to organize a school speedcubing and hold international competitions in Semey. The championship came a lot of participants from samho Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan - in total 140 people aged from 5 to 40 years.'

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