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Trillions of dollars countries are losing because of the illiteracy of women

Trillions of dollars countries are losing because of the illiteracy of women
In the global education of the female population has a huge infringement. Most countries lose up to thirty trillion dollars, due to the fact that they are missing the opportunity to give women access to work and increase their productivity. The news reports the world Bank news, 'Missed Opportunities: the High losses due to the failure to educate the female population.
According to the world Bank, those countries that have low incomes, more than 60% of all women have education in a few primary classes. Thus employability among those who received higher education a lot more.
The Bank also reports that for the full package of social and economic benefits of secondary education, the girls themselves should have at least education in the 9th grade. For those who received at least secondary education, face violence in the family, practically no chance. For society the benefits of female education lies in the fact that lost mortality and hunger, women are less abandon newborn children, work and bring taxes to the States.
Women who received at least secondary education, take more effective decisions in matters concerning their families, and their children are on average healthier.
'We can't let gender inequality stand in the way of world progress. Inequality in education is another issue that can be corrected and which is costing the world trillions of dollars' – presented in a press release, the words CEO of the WB's Kristalina Georgieva.
Today there are about 132 million girls age 6-17 years who are not attending school.
The publication of the WB dedicated to celebrating the UN on July 12 Malala Day – the birthday of Pakistani activist Malala yousafzai who became the winner of the Nobel peace prize 'For their struggle against the suppression of the rights of children and young people and for the rights of all children to education'.
The world Bank in 2016, has invested more than $ 3.2 billion in educational projects for teenage girls.
In March 2018 the representatives of the MFA announced that the European Union is preparing the financing of a joint UN project to train Afghan girls in Kazakh universities. In addition, according to Vice-Minister of foreign Affairs of the novel of Vasilenko at the expense of Kazakhstan from 2012 to 2021 in Kazakhstan universities will train thousands of citizens of Afghanistan. For this purpose Kazakhstan has allocated 50 million dollars.

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