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Universities will lose their licenses

Universities will lose their licenses
The Minister of education and science of Kazakhstan Yerlan Sagadiyev announced 2018 the year of scale to increase the responsibility of higher education.
'The head of state took the unprecedented increase in educational grants for 10 million last year, and another 20 thousand in it. We've been given a great trust, therefore, the responsibility of universities for the quality to be No. 1', – said the Minister.
MES on the basis of the rating based on the employment of graduates, begin to take measures for withdrawal of licenses from universities in the field, where there is low employment.
'We're not going to count squares, textbooks. 17 licenses this year already been revoked. The work will be strengthened. This will lead to profiling of higher education institutions on key areas. Where they can teach, let them teach. Where the diploma does not give good demand, to teach does not make sense', – said Yerlan Sagadiyev.
The MES will increase the qualification requirements separately to universities, institutes and academies.
'New prudential, objective, independent from the Mona system: who can be called a University, Institute, Academy. She's having a discussion with the rectors of the universities. It's not all the measures that we will take. There is a KPI for rectors of state HEIs, there is a mandatory anti-plagiarism, there is a phased implementation of certification for graduates of the regulated professions, and so on. But what the Ministry is doing, is either from institutions or from them to be widely discussed', he said.
Much of what is implemented in higher education, will affect the colleges. According to the Minister, today reduced 109 duplicate and unclaimed specialties like, what led to the change of the profile 66 and the Association of 20 colleges.
'This work we will continue, based on the employment of graduates. Where taught wrong, not what we need, and as a result graduates do not get a job, we will revise the license in this direction', said the head of MES of RK.
August 9, Director of the Department for anticorruption policy of Kazakhstan Daniyar DGSPC of Sabyrbaev said that the Agency had a lot of questions to the leadership of the colleges on the basis of a distribution of grants.
Antikorruptsionnye don't understand why the colleges themselves are the entrance exams, their own conduct and make decisions on allocation of grants among the applicants. The College Directors are not eager to disclose to the public.

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