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ABC Driver driving school in Kostanay (Baimagambetova)

Kostanay, Baimagambetov street, 160. Phone number for inquiries: +7 7142 21-06-11
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ABC Driver driving school in Kostanay (Baimagambetova)

ABC Driver driving school in Kostanay (Baimagambetova)

Welcome to the page of our driving school "driver ABC" in Kostanay. Training in our driving school takes place every weekday, you can study at a, B, C categories. Here you will learn not only the practical part of driving, but also most of the theory that will help you understand the structure of the car and, at least, you will be able to ensure a comfortable ride by changing the oil, learning to put spare wheels, prevent engine overheating. Driving school "Driver ABC" is a competent professional instructor who can correctly explain and teach you how to drive a car, avoid accidents, properly adjust, turn around and overtake. We will teach you how to find safe areas on the roads, how to Park, and much more. We value your time, so you can study according to your schedule.. We are located at 160 Baimagambetova street, Kostanay. Phone number for inquiries: +7 7142 21-06-11

            Classes are held both individually and in groups. The duration of an individual theoretical lesson is 60 minutes, and an individual practical lesson is 90 minutes. such classes are held twice at any time of the working day. We also offer promotions and discounts.

            We have an excellent material base and qualified teachers. The school has the necessary classrooms for learning driving, fully computerized classrooms, and specialized equipment. We train specialists for various roads and have available passenger cars with manual and automatic transmissions.

            At the end, graduates of the driving school are issued a certificate, according to which they can get a driver's license of the appropriate category. The certificate is valid for three years. Our graduates will always be well prepared for both simple roads and unexpected situations. Discounts are available on some holidays, as well as for students-10%. Training costs 25 thousand for category A, 30 thousand for B, 40 thousand for AF, as well as retraining from B to C — 30 thousand tenge. The number of practical sessions is 40-50 hours.

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