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Happy Kingdom club early development center

21 al-Farabi Avenue; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7‒771‒709‒21‒44 +7 (727) 311‒85‒17
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Happy Kingdom club early development center

Happy Kingdom club early development center

Happy Kingdom club early development center - your help in getting basic skills. You will be very happy when your child learns how to properly interact with the world around them, and show their skills at work. Your child is unique, so they need to be creative to reach their potential. Our training methods, I was able to find a creative beginning in each child, and then develop it to perfection. Then children will have a desire to study, develop their abilities and please their parents with new discoveries. You will be able to complete our comprehensive program in a group of five children, or you can develop independently. At each lesson, we pay great attention to all children. We are happy, motivated and supportive throughout the day. In warm weather, we conduct outdoor activities, play sports and play on the Playground. And in winter, we develop walking and strength in warm rooms. We train four times a week, and if you want, you can leave your child in a weekend group. We will monitor its development while you are busy with important and urgent matters. Do not delay the development, the earlier you start, the more knowledge your child will get. Make your child a real genius!

English at an early age, contributes to the rapid assimilation of the program in the future. After all, the child not only learns new words and translates text, but also increases their mental abilities in all directions: memory, speech, reading, writing, analysis. They will be able to answer the question using a different language, and translate any text. Most importantly, we will teach your child discipline and self-development so that they can complete their homework on their own. You will be satisfied with the results and achievements of your child. We will do everything so that children can consolidate our material and successfully apply it in practice. To make the lessons more interesting, we conduct them in a playful way - this helps to remember information more effectively and expand the child's horizons. Also, your children will be able to find or develop creative abilities in our various clubs: sports, drawing, singing, modeling and creating crafts, playing musical instruments, learning and practicing English and Kazakh. All this is available to every child, and the possibilities are endless. We only give the task, and the course and concept come up with children. It is important to take a lot of breaks after long classes, so that children can learn the material they received, and restore their strength to get new information. To ensure security, we have cameras installed and security is available. And the children in the classrooms are watched by teachers and help in obtaining knowledge. You can fully rely on us, as we have been engaged in the development of children for more than five years.

Early development is a crucial period in a child's life. When he successfully passes this stage, the rest of the training will be a warm-up for him!

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