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And so, another step in our education – Graduate. Fellowship was born in 1025. Today the graduate school is one of the main forms of training for scientific personnel of institutions in the system of postgraduate education.

On the first of September 2013 in Kazakhstan, the graduate school refers to the third stage of higher education.

When you finish graduate school, then of course upon successful completion you will be issued a document – the diploma about the termination of postgraduate study, a sample of which is installed MES, and a document about obtaining a new qualification.

Scholarship graduate students put in the same way as others, she goes out of the state budget and assigned to depending on your progress in the development of postgraduate programs, on the basis of certification of passing two times a year.

The one who is charged with a scholarship must meet the requirements and have at least a satisfactory rating and academic standing. All graduate students receive a stipend from the first year of study until the completion of the first interim assessment, however, it is not the passage may be deprived of their scholarships. The amount of payments is determined by the educational institution, but it cannot be less than established by the Ministry of education of Kazakhstan.

Finding graduate student on academic leave, and vacation and maternity leave, leave to care for a child under the age of three years is not grounds for the withdrawal of assigned scholarships. The amount of the scholarship paid to such graduate students, is determined by the amount of the scholarship assigned to them at the point of care in their academic leave, vacation and maternity leave, leave to care for a child under the age of three years, while it may not be less than the standards established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

There are times when there is the possibility of not learning of postgraduate study for medical reasons, then such students are given academic leave for a period of time not more than two years.

The basis for the commencement of the leave is the provision of a postgraduate personal statement, as well as the conclusion of the medical Commission, a summons from the military and other documents confirming the necessity of the leave of absence.

Graduate students enrolled in full-time education at state-accredited programs of graduate studies have the right to deferment from military service during the development of these programs, but not exceeding the established Prosami these programs of training time, and at the time of the dissertation defense, but not more than one year after completion of study upon graduate program.

This delay is provided to the graduate student, regardless of using them before this right to delay for instruction at state-accredited program of specialist or master's program full-time.

Workers ' rights, access to postgraduate programs by distance learning

Workers are mastering the program of graduate studies in correspondence courses are eligible for:

a) additional annual leave at the place of work lasting 30 calendar days with preservation of average earnings. Thus the annual additional leave the employee is added to the time taken to travel from the work place to the training site and back, with preservation of average earnings. Specified the fare paid by the employer;

b) one free from work day per week with pay to the extent of 50 percent of wages received. An employer may provide to employees at their request in their final year of training in addition not more than two free days off work a week without pay.

Features of implementation of educational activities at the PhD scientific organizations

For the implementation of educational activities at the PhD scientific organization in its structure creates specialized educational structural subdivision, whose activities are governed by the regulations developed and approved by the most scientific organization. When creating the said Department for carrying out educational activities at the PhD in staffing scientific organizations should provide, posts assigned to the faculty.

For scientific organizations engaged in educational activities at the PhD, is not mandatory, in particular:

a) conduct self-examination;

b) the creation of special conditions for education for students with disabilities;

C) placement in information-telecommunication network 'Internet' of the information and documents specified in part 2 of article 29 of the Federal law 'On education in Russian Federation'.

Terms of crediting are established according to the decision of the organization with the completion of enrollment no later than 10 days before the start of the school year. That is, if, for example, the academic year begins on 1 September, the campaign for the acceptance of documents from applicants, conducting entrance tests and, in fact, the enrollment in the graduate school may, in principle, take place throughout the year starting with 1 September of the previous year (usually it starts after selection of the PCC), but should be completed by August 21. In principle, such campaigns in the past year can be several.

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