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the Internship

the Internship

Higher medical educational institutions usually conduct additional training for their graduates who want to improve their knowledge of the theory in practice, increasing the degree of readiness of students to independent medical practice.

This form of training is a continuation of the third degree for persons who have completed higher medical specialty. They are exempt from passing the medical practice of those graduates who plan to enroll in a residency or graduate school. Those who pass medical practice called interns. Medical practice lasts for one year, including any leave and only full-time education. This type of training gives young people the opportunity to gain experience in the specialized agencies of the state or municipal form.

Training in medical institutions for internship is under the employment agreement or contract concluded between the Intern and the institution in which he's going to go practice a particular specialty. Such a contract can be concluded only applicants with an extract from the order of the rector of the educational institution and the diploma of the doctor.

If people who graduated from the graduate school or other graduate medical education and internship, it can be sent to prepare the health authorities of Kazakhstan at the place of residence.

The training of interns is carried out according to the individual plan that is developed by managers in accordance with Federal government requirements for postgraduate education, curriculum and program developed by the educational institution. Individual training plan must be approved by the head of the educational institution or a structural unit not later than one month from the date of enrollment in the internship.

Implementing individual education plan and training programs is reflected in the diary of an Intern, which is analysed weekly and signed by the head Intern. The list required for the study of Intern related specialties and disciplines of programme preparation.

Responsibility for the quality of training of specialists in internship, their readiness to independent medical or pharmaceutical activities shall be the head of the structural unit.

During training, interns are test control of knowledge and skills sections of the program, and prepare at least 1 quarterly report. The internship concludes with the state final attestation.

At the end of the training period, interns who have successfully completed the plan and training program and passes the state final examination are awarded the certificate of completion of internship and graduate certificate of the established sample.

Interns who have not passed the state final examination, receive the certificate of completion of internship and a certificate. They have the right to repeat the exam, the timing of which are determined by the qualification Commission.

In target internship a graduate of medical College comes under the agreement concluded between the Ministry of health of the state or municipal level and the educational institution. The main feature is that at the end of the target of internship doctors are required to back into the custody of their parent agencies or organizations or to terminate the contract in accordance with legislation.

Responsibility for quality selection of candidates to target the internship rests with the heads of the guides of the agencies or organizations.

As entrance examinations in the internship may be tests or interviews in the chosen specialty. All entrance tests are conducted within the Federal state educational standards of higher professional education. Re-admission exams is not allowed.

The procedure of the interview Protocol is made, which records the incoming questions and a brief comment examiners (abstract) answers to them. According to the results of the interview score.

After passing the entrance examinations of all applicants, the admissions Committee considers the best results and ensures the enrolment of persons successfully passed the entrance test and scored more points. The decision on admission to the internship or denial of admission applicants reported within five days after the decision of the selection Committee, but not later than two weeks before the start of classes. Enrollment in internship is carried out by the head of educational institution on the basis of the decision of the selection Committee.

sans-serif;color:black'>Persons entering in the framework of target enrolment, are enrolled after they have submitted the contract between the educational institution and the sending party.

Individuals who enroll on a paid basis, are enrolled in an internship after they have submitted signed agreements on tuition and payment documents confirming payment of training.

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