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Foxford school: online training from anywhere in the world

Foxford school: online training from anywhere in the world
Online school "Foxford" is mainly engaged in teaching students in grades 5-11. Not so long ago, training for primary classes was launched.

This school is taught by one of the best teachers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. All these teachers are distinguished members of the Olympiad jury, OGE and use experts, as well as very experienced teachers who have taught or are teaching at the best state universities in the country.

In this online school, you can study both basic courses that are necessary in order to pass the certification, and build an individual program for yourself. The individual program contains advanced courses in specialized subjects, various training courses, and others. Also, on the site of this online school there are courses for preparing for the unified state exam and OGE, as well as various Olympiads. Kazakh schoolchildren and students will be more interested in basic and specialized training.

At the moment, this online school has six ready-made subject areas: mathematical, physical and mathematical, technological, humanitarian and linguistic, social and humanitarian, and natural science.

At the same time, there are Tutors on this platform. A tutor is a person who can help you decide on the direction of your training by consulting you on many issues that interest you.

The schedule of this school is quite flexible and comfortable. Foxford takes great care of his students. They try to take into account all the needs of their students, both those who like to sleep longer, and those who play sports or work at a certain time in parallel.

Classes start later than 10 am, with a minimum break of 15 minutes between classes. Basic subjects are held in the first half of the day, and in the second half there are already Olympiad lessons and more in-depth ones. Thanks to this schedule, the child can get a good night's sleep and attend various sections and clubs.

If the rhythm of family life does not coincide with online, the school allows you to build an individual schedule for each child and watch classes in the recording. A personal curator will help distribute the learning load, which is allocated for each student. A mentor will be there if the child is faced with a difficult topic or homework and will tell you what to do and how to do it.

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