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Almaty state College of new technologies

Almaty, Tole bi street, 287А +7 (727) 238-13-80, 238-13-85
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Almaty state College of new technologies - Colleges

Almaty state College of new technologies - Colleges

There are only four majors in our College, but training in our College is quite high-quality, because our teaching staff includes masters of education and science. The College is equipped with a computer diagnostics Center, an electronic equipment workshop, a mechanical section, and we are upgrading cars to electric motors. Only we have the opportunity not only to study for students, but also to improve their skills for adults. Due to this, our College is considered one of the most unique colleges in the city of Almaty.

We have our own driving school, where every student can learn to drive and get a category a license by completing a three-month theory course and twenty hours of practical driving. The driving school is equipped with a driving room, which has comfortable seats, steering wheel and pedals to test your abilities in theory, offices on the device of cars and on the rules of the road. All the necessary equipment and qualified teachers allow us to guarantee high-quality training For you as a future driver.

We have a unique specialty for the whole city of Almaty "modeling and designing of clothing", its uniqueness is that we study such brands as Grfis and Gerber known all over the world and recognized by leading clothing companies in many countries, including Russia and Turkey. On the basis of manufactured products, we hold a fashion contest in a special Fashion Theater, which has the status of "Best fashion house".

In the future, it is planned to open a Higher technical school, which will have three levels of education. The school will train engineering and technology specialists. Maybe by enrolling in our College today, in three years you will be studying at a higher educational institution of our College.

Our cultural and leisure activities are also well developed. There are various sports clubs, local history club, guitar, dombra, dance clubs, Fashion theater, KVN And much more.

We hope to see You in our wonderful College, and that you will become professionals in your field after studying at our institution. We are always happy to see new people in our educational institution and give them knowledge. May you be lucky! We are waiting for you at the address: 287 a Tole-Bi str.
Рамиль Абдиев 29/01/2021

Колледж так себе, а самое главное на работу никто не возьм т тебя, и даже колледж не устроит тебя на работу. В этот колледж ходишь чисто время провести, ОТУЧИЛСЯ и все чем дальше занематься не знаешь куда пойти не знаешь. Все Сервис центры берут своих или говорят у нас занеты все места. То-есть получается что просто зря потратил деньги на уч бу, Обино очень. Насч т преподавателей притензий нет, Самый хороший преподаватель это Евгений Михайлович очень хорошо объясняет и понятно.
На последок скажу надеюсь меня никто искать не будет после чесного отзыва о колледже.

Жанна 24/08/2020

Охота чтобы было ещ Гранд детям многим

Даулет Б. 24/06/2020

Всем привет!
Я сам закончил данный колледж почти 20 лет назад. Учиться было увлекательно и познавательно! Знания, полученные в колледже, актуальны по сей день.

Ангелина К. 26/01/2020

Хороший колледж)

Карина К. 22/01/2020

Колледж нормальный, а вот учителя конченные.

Doszhan Shakhizatov 04/01/2020

Нормольный колледж

SetteS 14/12/2019

Если ехать со стороны ул. Саина по Толе-Би, то очень не удобно расположенна остановас ОТ. Только пешком или на машине можно проще дойти и доехать. Работал тут, все устраивало.

Лорик Ефремова 12/09/2019

Дочка учится.так что хороший колледж.сильная учебная база.предостовление практики.сильный педагогический состав.

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