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AGPC: Almaty state Polytechnic College

Almaty, microdistrict Tastak-1, house 1B +7 (727) 396 72 51
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Colleges - Almaty state Polytechnic College

Colleges - Almaty state Polytechnic College

Almaty state Polytechnic College began its existence in 1940 as a cinematic College. In those days, our College was the only one in the whole country a College, and the fifth throughout the Soviet Union. It was hard only in the first months of its existence, but the huge assistance of teachers from Russian colleges.

In 1997, the College received a name which carries to this day. By order of the Minister of education since 2001, the College received a state license with the right training students in the following fields: Vocational training, Economics, engineering Technology, computer systems and software, Audiovisual equipment, Automated systems of information processing and management Information system.

Education is one of the most important things in any country, so we only employ teachers with higher and first categories, and it was 135. Many of them awarded with Ramot of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, signs of Altynsarin.

We prepare highly qualified personnel with leadership, constantly improving the process of education preparing a new programme studying the needs of employers in today's job market, educate fortitude, reveal creative potential.

We have a student dormitory, which has its own dining room, and 'komendansky hour' starts at 23.00. The hostel is designed for 200 people.

All rooms are equipped with laptops with Internet access for comfortable studying, there are laboratories with the first electronic computing machines, Assembly hall, meeting rooms, gym, library 70 seats for readers, a medical center with all necessary medicines and first aid and great food item, where there is always fresh food for our students and teachers.

All of this and more is waiting for you in our state Polytechnical College of the city of Almaty at the address: Almaty city, microdistrict Tastak 1, building 18.

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