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Astana technical and economic College

Astana, S.Kazakhstan, 31/1 +7 (7172) 22-60-89, 22-62-79&a
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Astana technical and economic College on the educational portle Kazakhstan

Astana technical and economic College on the educational portle Kazakhstan

Dear applicant!

Do you wish to become a student of the technical and economic College of Astana city. Our mission is the creation of qualified industry specialists who are able to solve their skills to solve any problem, to show a high level of theoretical knowledge and is able to improve the living conditions and capacities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To create all necessary conditions for you we invented a code of honor, developed training plan, was opened by the scientific and academic circles and youth organizations. Each training group is led by an experienced facilitator, helping students find their own line of study in the chosen specialty.

Astana technical and economic College operates under a perpetual licence No.KZ04LAA00006434. The training is conducted in seven specialties in two languages of instruction. Thirty-four teachers have first and highest category. The College was founded in 2005 and still meets all state requirements in the field of technical and vocational education.

Studying with us, you form the correct Outlook of the Patriotic citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, their psychology, and sustainable concept of honor and fairness.

We have an extensive library, consisting of several points: this is a reading room for thirty seats and a subscription for the issuance of books. The Library hosts various events for teachers and students, law enforcement, and attend medical lectures on a variety of topics with students and health care providers. The book Fund is 14308 copies, and the important role of the library is instilling the habit of reading to all students in our school.

Come and do a Feasibility College is located at the address: Astana city, street S.Kazakhstan, 31/1. Phone: +7 7172 22-60-89.

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