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College at KSU. Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau

Kokshetau, akan street-sulphur, 24 +7 (7162) 31-56-85
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College at KSU. Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau educational portle Kazakhstan

College at KSU. Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau educational portle Kazakhstan

Welcome to the page of our University!

The oldest higher education institution in Northern Kazakhstan yavlyalsya Kokchetav pedagogical Institute, founded in 1962. In 1965, the Institute began to carry the name of the first scientist, enlightener of Kazakhstan – Shokan Ualikhanov. The number of students was small, only 200 people in all school, in 1985 the number had doubled, and in 1990 students had already become 2500. In the same year appeared the correspondence Department, and a year later appeared a new specialty, training which, to this day. in 2014, the rector of the University was appointed Professor of Abzhapparov Abdumutalip, at this time the University has already issued state diplomas.

In our University there is student self-governance is a multifaceted system of conducting the youth policy in our country, which is designed specially to solve the problems of students, discussion of cultural and leisure life of the University, and more. Student government teaches people to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions.

KSU named after Shokan Ualikhanov in 2010 signed the Bologna Declaration. And to this day, gradually building a global educational environment. Partners of our University are many language centers in the world and scientists from abroad. Every year is the implementation of the student exchange programme 'Erasmus', 'IREX', 'Logo', 'Tempus'. These programs help students and teachers pass training and professional development in the schools of Austria, Switzerland, Germany and England. Kokshetau State University is in the TOP 5 universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan on cooperation with foreign educational institutions.

In 2009 the University was awarded the medal 'Millennium', it is issued only to those schools in which there is the professional use of cutting edge technology. In 2015, the Association of Europe and Asia took KSU named after sh. As in old times, the pride of our University are issued by us teachers. Many of whom work in our University, namely, 9 doctoral students and almost 200 graduate students.

We can be proud of our teaching staff, because only we have four of the academician of the international Informatization, many of the teachers awarded the title 'Honorary worker of education and science of Kazakhstan'.

The University library contains more than seven hundred thousand different textbooks and methodological publications and our University publishes its own newspaper 'Vestnik KGU' and the scientific journal 'Alau'. Anyone can use the library with student ID. As our students get the discount for travel on public transport.

In 2017, the school has four academic buildings, a private Internet cafes, many reading rooms, dozens of computer rooms, all classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, and there are also three museums.

For practice and educational process we have equipped a whole set of agricultural machinery, where the breeding and analysis of grain crops.

Any student and his parents can track learning progress through e-education system, where you can see grades, attendance, and grades for all years of study. Our professional clinic contains not only all the necessary medicines, but also a modern Wellness complex, sports hall and a camp, located in Zerenda recreation area. Many students of our sports clubs are winners of Republican and regional contests.

Thanks to experienced teachers, the diligence and dedication of our students, we can compete with other Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, occupying a leading place in the ratings of our country. We develop our educational capacity through various programs and projects of international level.

Academic mobility of our University is the opportunity students go to a period in another University in the country or in other countries.

The academic mobility is a chance for our students to possess deeper knowledge in foreign languages, to more in-depth knowledge and practical skills in their profession, acquainted with the customs of the visited country and foreign peers. The experience abroad will help anyone to find a decent job in any country. After graduation you receive the diploma of the state sample. And learning takes place in the countries of Russia, USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Croatia, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan etc.


KSU named after sh cares about the health and psychological state of our students. We have a constantly valid psychological support. Experienced educational psychologist Uaisova Sandugash Kangozhin, consults and psychological talks with students of all the courses, especially with students of the Department of psychology.

If You have a goal you can easily achieve it with our school.

The University has its own KVN team, raising team spirit, creativity and identifies talented people, enabling the development of Club Cheerful and Resourceful. There are seven teams, so in doing to us, you will feel the spirit of rivalry in your first year!

Job fair in our University annually employs numerous students in forty one specialty. As employers are invited to many enterprises and individual entrepreneurs of Akmola region. In 2017 at the end have been employed more than one hundred students in various specialties. This figure suggests that our UNIVERSITY is one of the most prestigious in the North of Kazakhstan.

We have our own hostel for the students of the University. The fee for the whole year of residence is 32 420 tenge, and is made only on the basis of the documents confirming the fact of studying in our University.

You determine your future by enrolling in our University: bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree you will never be without work!

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