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College of oil and gas in Zhanaozen

Zhanaozen, 4 micro district +7 (72934) 42-873
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College of oil and gas in Zhanaozen in Kazakhstan's educational portle

College of oil and gas in Zhanaozen in Kazakhstan's educational portle

School 'Zhanaozen College of oil and gas' was founded in 1985. In 2012, the College was recognized as the best educational institution of technical and vocational education'. During its 35 years of existence, has trained more than 14 thousand students, many graduates continued to study at higher education institutions. Today the core enterprises employs over two thousand people who are graduates of our institution.

Tonight we're teaching on nineteen specialties and are working on fifteen new standards of education in order to improve the quality of education in several times. Over the past few years, the College appeared a lot of new technology, there are three school buildings in which there are more than seventy classrooms, several laboratories, electronic space, computer rooms, workshops, locksmith, systems, 'Electrical engineering, electronics, electrical machinery' and more.

We have more than a hundred qualified teacher with the highest and first category. The daily work of teachers, headed by the Director helps to organize their environment that helps to diversify and increase the potential of our students.

Upon completion, graduates receive a state diploma. You will be able to continue training in higher educational institutions of our country and abroad. Our graduates always find good jobs due to only one of our College, as no other does not prepare employees for our unique specialties.

For admission to the school must pass the exam of KTA on a General basis, when entering after eleventh grade, a certificate of UNT is not required.

Waiting for you and your documents are highly skilled in our school and hope that the training in our College will bring you essential knowledge and will help later in life.


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