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Big Ben language center

Nurly Zhol street-7 Almaly district, Almaty city
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Big Ben language center -

Big Ben language center -

Big Ben language center - a quality approach to learning English. You can quickly and most importantly easily learn all the necessary skills. We can offer you the best foreign materials that are aimed at full-fledged study. Our teaching methods can make you a real native speaker. We are ready to help in any situation, and teach you from scratch. Our comprehensive training will allow you to delve too deeply into the whole structure of the language, and understand the principles of sentence construction. With us, you can pass any international exam, qualify and become a member of the student exchange program. Our teachers, who are real experts in training, will help you master the base necessary for learning, the structure and capabilities of the language, and the skills for further study. All you need to do is show perseverance and a desire to develop your skills. Our goal is to provide all the opportunities for full-fledged training so that you can realize your goals. We know how difficult it is to learn in schools, so we make your training easier. Your time is important to us!

We recruit groups of all ages so that everyone can get quality training. Knowledge of several languages allows you to open up great opportunities for building a career and fulfilling your desires. Our teachers will teach you not only the basics of language proficiency, but also create a favorable learning environment so that you can learn anywhere and at any time. Daily training is the key to successful assimilation of information, and we constantly apply it. Before starting a new stage, we conduct verification work. We teach English to teenagers in the “Solutions " program” and "Inspiration". The peculiarity of this method is that classes are conducted in English and allow you to significantly increase the vocabulary of everyday use. We also teach children the basic basics, and adults using the "step by step" method or at a selected level. You will be provided with a personalized approach that will make learning easier. If your child wants to enter a Niche or a Lyceum, we are happy to help with the preparation. Our program is relevant and in demand, which allows you to enter any educational institution after graduation. For the youngest, we offer basic training to help children get to know a new language better. This will teach them auditory and speech skills, and allow them to better perceive what is happening. We will do everything to make your child speak English. And it will be easier than you think. Develop your skills with us and reach the top of your learning. We welcome any students who want to develop in this direction!

We want to make your learning easier and learning more interesting. Join our friendly team and enjoy learning!

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