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Edu Stream Language School

Bogenbai Batyr Street-104; Medeu district, Almaty city
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Edu Stream Language School -

Edu Stream Language School -

Edu Stream Language School helps students learn English, Spanish and German, as well as study and travel abroad. You will be trained according to the most modern and relevant programs, pass many levels of training, and receive an international IELTS certificate. Our foreign teachers are native speakers, have many certificates and certificates confirming their qualifications. In our center, everyone will be able to get a real education, fully learn English and the style of conversation. we recruit groups of eight people, and give each individual training. Our programs consist of foreign audio and video materials, textbooks and practical tasks. to make the learning process more diverse and effective, we create conversational circles, implement various situations and examples in practice. monthly test tasks will help you keep your academic performance on top and find the weaknesses of your students. when problems are identified, we will immediately begin to solve them-comprehensive tutoring will help to avoid problems in the future. Come to a real learning center where international skills and knowledge are acquired. They will always be happy to help you get away with real knowledge!

our center for studying abroad cooperates with universities in different countries, which allows you to use: different methods of studying in different countries, send students to any country and arrange an internship. we have improved our schedule, now it is flexible and convenient. You decide on the number of classes, hours and level of training. and to know for sure your level, you can come to our center, or take an online test on the site. you will know your current score and be able to identify gaps. And we will help you choose the right path of learning to effectively improve your knowledge. You have the opportunity to try out a new author's teaching methodology developed by the international publishing house Express Publishing. Most of the time, our classes are held in a conversational format to practice speaking more often. We prepare children and students of all ages, distribute them to different levels of training, and return interest in learning a new language. Thanks to our qualifications, we guarantee high success in entering any educational institution. your knowledge and skills will be in demand, relevant and effective in any field. come to our school and see our professionalism. Our teachers will be waiting for you to teach you something new!

edu stream language school is a great way to learn english using foreign materials and techniques without leaving the city. our goal is to give every student a decent education for future success, and to ensure further study abroad!

Гаухар К. 07/03/2020

Самый лучший центр в городе Алматы, самые лучшие преподаватели, обучения проходят на высшем уровне, уютно комфортно, безопасно, и самое главное получаешь 100% знания английского языка! Супер, рекомендую всем!

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