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GLADIS training center

6 Suleymenova street; Auezovsky district, Almaty city+7‒777‒372‒18‒10
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GLADIS training center -

GLADIS training center -

GLADIS training center – we teach foreign languages, and we do it right. Our goal is to teach students multilingualism, and to do it easily. You don't have to painstakingly learn theory, memorize new words all night and still forget it in a week. But we avoid this – our approach to learning excludes poor assimilation of the material. We teach several languages: English, Kazakh, German, Russian and French. You will be able to speak a foreign language fluently, and support any conversations. Our teaching materials can significantly increase your knowledge and facilitate learning. We recruit children and teenagers of any age, and is engaged in private preparation for exams and professional development. Learning a language is a very important and complex process that requires some preparation. But with our highly qualified teachers, you will easily overcome this stage. We help everyone, and give an individual approach and program so as not to complicate training. Our center provides all the opportunities to achieve your goal: professional teachers, foreign material, educational and methodological manuals, audio and video materials for training. Come and do not regret it, we do everything efficiently!

We prepare even the smallest ones. At first glance, this seems difficult. But in fact, it requires a little time and individual training methods. The sooner you start giving material in a different language, the faster your child will be able to speak. In addition to language skills, children develop mental abilities that are necessary for further education. We will give an individual approach to each child, because everyone has their own talent and opportunities. We will not load you with difficult and boring rules, but will make the training interesting and informative. You can easily learn any information, and most importantly, remember it for a long time. For those who do not have time or do not understand the topics well, we offer additional and private tutoring classes so that you can successfully consolidate the result. We are ready to help in any situation. For students, we provide training in subjects. After all, the school curriculum is not always simple. You will be able to master the entire structure of the language, and successfully complete school tasks. For those who want to pass the entrance exam, or study abroad-we will fulfill your dream. Our program prepares for any exams, and most importantly has up-to-date data. You can easily enroll in any educational institution. For employees, we organize private seminars and training for upcoming qualifications. You can count on us, because we guarantee success. Come to our trial classes and learn the language skills!

GLADIS training center-the choice of a responsible student who wants to achieve their goals!

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