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Stay Connected language center (SC center)

​Seifullin Avenue-410; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7-777-977-99-97 +7 (727) 317-05-06
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Stay Connected language center (SC center)

Stay Connected language center (SC center)

Stay Connected language center ( SC center) - we teach everyone and everything. We have all the leading areas for training: business course, foreign language for children, General course, corporate study, study abroad, exam preparation. You decide how to use it - you choose the time, amount, intensity and method of training. Our center guarantees all our services, you will successfully pass any exam, and apply your skills in any situation. We work for results, and most importantly, quickly. Come to our classes, take trial tests on the level indicator and start further training with maximum benefit. If you have a certain level and do not want to take the General program, we can offer individual or private classes so that the learning process is as effective as possible and you do not get distracted by other students.

Our goal is to improve the results of each student. We make sure that every student is active, tries hard and does not miss classes. Our teachers monitor all students so that no one falls behind in the program and can easily answer any question. Our methodology includes all practical and methodological materials to diversify the learning process. We use foreign literature, audio and video materials, and hobby groups. Our center will help you develop all the necessary skills necessary for full language acquisition: speech, writing, hearing, grammar, syntax, vocabulary. We adhere to the method of communicative grammar, which allows us to develop key skills of successful foreign language proficiency. We have created a system of discounts, promotions and incentives. Knowledge of several foreign languages, including your own state language, can open up limitless opportunities in life. And in our "Stay Connected" Center, everyone always has the opportunity to get high-quality training in learning languages and preparing for international exams. Our program is fully up-to-date and in demand, so that you can pass the exam and enter any educational institution. Quality and efficiency are our priority in training. We also train employees and conduct on-site corporate training to improve their skills. And for everyone who wants to study and live abroad, we are recruiting a tour group. You will be able to study in any country and live in your own pleasure. Our staff will accompany you to the end of your trip. Or we will prepare you for an international certificate or exam, and you will be able to get an exchange program, and start a career in the best foreign company. It all depends on your goal and perseverance. We can increase the difficulty level based on your wishes. We train even children and teach them the basics of language proficiency. And after a few lessons, your child will start to develop their skills and complete their homework.

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