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STUDY-YES language center

3/1 Zein Shashkin street; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7-702-225-01-55 +7 (727) 225-10-55
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STUDY-YES language center

STUDY-YES language center

The STUDY-YES language center is a full-fledged language training center where you will get all the skills for professional language proficiency. You will receive information and materials from native speakers. Our program is fully up-to-date and accessible to all ages. You will be able to learn all the tricks and full-fledged skills for a successful command of the English language. Our classes will be held in several stages, where you will receive: practical and theoretical foundations, tasks to consolidate the material, and additional manuals for daily skill development. We are recruiting in groups of six people to fully engage with each student. Individual methods allow you to use the training program more effectively and monitor the results of each child. We send all the results of the group to our parents every day, and the overall statistics are checked by our management. At the end of each stage, we conduct test tasks to find out the result and possible gaps in training. You will be satisfied with the quality of our training method, and we will be glad that you choose us!

We teach even children who first need to develop their knowledge through learning a new language. Our center prepares for international exams, studies abroad, and develops General language skills. For employees, we conduct on-site corporate training, where you can improve your skills. For everyone, we have made training more accessible - you can study online. We have several languages available for training: English, Turkish, German, Russian, Kazakh, Korean. Classes will be held in popular apps for classes. Our goal is to provide quality education and create the most pleasant learning environment. We will do everything possible to make you speak without a textbook. After the completed stage, you get a certificate and the ability to move to the next level. We will teach you how to interact with the acquired knowledge, talk and maintain any conversation, read the most popular foreign literature, and travel the world without a language barrier. All you need is perseverance and perseverance in learning. You will get all other skills immediately after completing the first stage. We will monitor your progress and motivate you to achieve new goals. The more you study our program, the easier it will be for you to continue your training and reach new heights in the future. Our complex of techniques will affect all areas of activity and help you to realize your desires. You will be able to study abroad and enter the best foreign company to build a career ladder. Come to our trial classes and spend the most interesting and informative day of your life.

Learn foreign languages with us, because we will definitely help you learn them!

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