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What's up educational center

Rozbakieva street-250B; Bostandyk district, Almaty city
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What's up educational center -

What's up educational center -

The what's Up educational center will help you learn English and Kazakh. We can make your study clear and simple. Thanks to our innovative approach to each student, new and relevant programs, and foreign materials , you can easily master any language. We offer the following courses: Chinese, German, Russian, French. It will be so easy to learn a new language, and you will be motivated to learn it. To practice the acquired knowledge, we offer test tasks, conversational circles with real native speakers. Our center trains children and adults of all ages, fully prepares them for exams and retraining. Your experience will increase significantly, and your mental abilities and memory will improve. You will learn to remember words and pronunciation correctly, and writing and reading will be at the highest level. Rely on us, because we have a huge experience in training students, numerous certificates and diplomas for high-quality work. We are ready to meet you - everything for your training. Come to us and fill up your knowledge base. You will be able to carry all our knowledge, and we will be only too happy!

We are actively engaged not only in training, but also help in training. The school program will become easier for you when you study with us for a month. To get the information correctly, you need to present it well. We can offer comprehensive training systems that can correctly distribute the load, pace and level. In order not to overload the children, we study everything in parts, give enough time to learn, and continue working. You will not be bored, because every day will be interesting and exciting, a variety of activities will defuse the situation and allow you to actively participate in training. Our flexible schedule will help you prepare - you can choose the time, hours, and number of days, and we will help you learn English with interest. You will be able to raise the level of training yourself if you do not want to repeat already passed topics, or repeat certain stages to better remember. We will do everything possible to ensure that you can safely and confidently engage in training. We take care of everything. Monthly checks will be able to show your real result so that you can improve it. And if someone has problems, we will immediately help you fix them. Our qualified Tutors will find a way out of the situation, help you correct the gaps, and prevent them from happening again. Together, we will achieve success in training. Sign up for our courses and you will not regret it - you will learn a lot of new things. We are waiting for you in our center to return your interest and curiosity to learning.

What's Up educational center-wishes every student to learn foreign languages perfectly. Conquer the biggest peak by learning a new language completely!

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