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World Citizen language center

Zheltoksan street-37A; Almalinsky district, Almaty city
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World Citizen language center -

World Citizen language center -

World Citizen language center - high-quality foreign language learning, where you will learn a lot of new things. We offer professional training services that will allow you to master a new language perfectly. Due to our desire to make language learning more accessible, our center has high-quality foreign materials and an excellent training program. Here you can choose and learn many languages: English, Kazakh, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Turkish, Korean. You will be able to learn any language in a short time, understand its essence and structure, and get acquainted with the traditions of this people. We offer you to delve into the history of the chosen language, get to know its native speakers, figuratively visit the main sights of the country-get to know it closer. Our qualified specialists with extensive teaching experience will be able to teach any student. And to improve speech skills, we employ real native speakers. Our entire center unites many languages, their roots and a part of the Motherland - we have created a favorable atmosphere for learning. Learn a new language perfectly, and get to know it better. Come to our classes and get really interested in learning!

Our center trains children and adults of all ages. We take a thorough approach to learning, and always monitor the results of each student. If for some reason you are experiencing difficulties, our main task is to find problems, solve them, and prevent them from occurring again. For everyone who wants to study at home and increase the time of classes, we have launched distance learning. Each student will be able to receive material in electronic form without leaving home, call teachers and learn the language in a quiet environment. These classes make the learning process more effective and accessible, and the number of hours may vary depending on your desire for development. We help you in any situation: intensity, level of training, individual approach, practical tasks - your training will become clear and effective, and the long-term experience of our teachers will become a strong Foundation for you. To develop practical skills, we offer you the opportunity to attend conversation clubs where you will talk and learn new features from native speakers. To check your progress, we conduct testing, where the result is revealed. Study guides and materials will be able to consolidate your skills and knowledge on a daily basis, and independent homework will be a great workout before classes. Show interest, and you will be able to learn it completely!

World Citizen language center-the desire to learn the possibilities of a foreign language, and realize your crazy dreams with the help of new knowledge. We give you the necessary knowledge that will really be useful in the future!

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