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Spanish cultural and educational center PRIMEROS

Shevchenko street-206a; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 327-42-88; +7-777-501-67-58
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Spanish cultural and educational center PRIMEROS -

Spanish cultural and educational center PRIMEROS -

PRIMEROS Spanish cultural and educational center is your opportunity to master Spanish and other languages perfectly and learn the culture of another country. We want to make learning more fun and accessible so that everyone can enjoy this wonderful moment. It's great to learn a lot about another country, learn a foreign language and share the joy with others. Our approach to learning will make everyone love you, develop and improve their skills. Our center organizes thematic meetings, film clubs and weekend tours. Everything for a good mood and fun learning. Your training will be a fairy tale, and we will fulfill your cherished wishes. For everyone, we provide online training, which allows you to study the material at any time without leaving home. You can choose your own schedule and time for classes. Learning is done through a popular online platform for conversation. This makes our training even more accessible. You can choose how to complete the training, and we will adapt to your wishes and opportunities. Together, we can achieve any heights without complicating our training. Be prepared for difficulties, and they will no longer be insurmountable!

Thanks to us, you can study abroad and live in any country in the world. We prepare students for exchange programs and international exams. You will be ready for anything. Our programs assume a successful result after a month of classes. You will be able to speak a foreign language and understand any words by ear. And this is not the end of success - the more you train, the better you will learn the language and apply it in practice. We help you use your language skills in the working profession. We train teachers and translators. We will teach you how to apply your success in real life. Our pleasant and friendly atmosphere will help you relax and enjoy the learning process. To fully practice your speaking skills, we have a real native speaker who will be happy to talk to you. Our materials and manuals will help you further develop your abilities, because without development there is no new result. And we need the result of each student to make sure of their intentions. We want to make learning effective and not pay attention to difficulties through our educational approach. Our center provides only the necessary skills to avoid overloading our students and give them more opportunities to test themselves. We are the best Spanish language learning center on the market, because we know what kind of approach to learning is needed. Master your language skills with us!

Spanish cultural and educational center PRIMEROS-develop in a comfortable environment, and do not complicate your training. We are ready to offer many simple ways to achieve any of your goals!

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