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AL-SAPA education center

65 Aymanov street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7‒777‒236‒94‒46
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AL-SAPA education center -

AL-SAPA education center -

AL-SAPA education center-we help you prepare for exams, study the school curriculum, and provide excellent knowledge for learning foreign languages. Our center allows you to reach incredible heights in training, because we approach training with a soul. We know how difficult it is for our children to pass a school program that is designed for a certain level of knowledge. That's why children turn to us for help. Our training program, thanks to our approach and methods, will teach any child and give the strongest Foundation for learning. You can pass any exam, because our program is relevant and includes all the theoretical material for training. We also teach languages: English, Kazakh and Russian. And we do it right – thanks to us, even the smallest child will be able to talk and translate any sentence. We will make you an excellent student. Your every desire will be realized with our help-admission to any school, educational institution or passing for an international certificate. Learn with us, and you will learn all the possibilities of your knowledge. We recruit children in groups of five and divide them into groups. Each group has a different level, and therefore it is so important to apply an individual approach to each. Verification tasks will be able to output a result that will only grow over time. We will help you in any situation, answer your questions, and make sure that you fully understand the material. Your result is important to us, and we will do everything to improve it.

Preparing for exams is a very difficult and exciting process. But with us, you can relax, as you will be able to pass it successfully. Our training materials are fully relevant for passing any exams. And our highly qualified teachers can easily explain the most difficult material so that the child remembers it well. And for better assimilation, we give a lot of test tasks. It is important for us to know how you are learning and whether our classes are good for you. If you are experiencing learning difficulties, our tutoring program can prepare you. You just choose the desired item where you have any difficulties or questions, and we will fix them. Our entire approach is based on trust – the more you want to learn and inform us, the faster and more effectively you can learn our material. The main thing in learning is to want to develop and learn new information. And then, your training will become easier and go up the hill. We will help you find this path-a know-it-all who achieves everything himself. Come to our classes and get incredible emotions from our training. And find out. So that learning can be simple and informative.

AL-SAPA education center – your bright path in education. With our help, you will achieve success in training, and do not want to stop there!

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