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AYALA education center

Atameken – 61 microdistrict; Auezovsky district, Almaty city
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AYALA education center -

AYALA education center -

AYALA Educational Center-invites you to join the real training. We help with education, teach foreign languages, and deal with the early development of children. Thanks to our highly qualified teachers, you can quickly get the necessary knowledge. We have prepared for you an innovative training program that will help your learning. Our center offers a wide range of educational materials and manuals, high-quality individual approach and excellent teaching methods. such methods can save you from tedious training, increase your interest and diversify classes. New knowledge is so important in our time, and it is necessary to constantly develop your skills. We will help you throughout your training - our teachers will find answers to your problems and questions. Join our friendly team, where hard work and curiosity are valued. The center allows you to use the opportunities of learning in a new way, to develop your talent and life skills. And it will be possible for everyone, even adults and children. We intensively prepare children for school and English, and adults for exams and advanced training. Learn a language at any age, we will help you. thanks to our specialists, you will be able to master the language in a month. Our whole approach will be focused on intensive training, and progress "will be on the face". Start right now, do not delay the study. Our center teaches everything and everyone.

For the youngest, we have prepared a Montessori group that will guide the child in the right direction. This group allows you to use the surrounding objects and materials in a new way. And the author's methods and individual classes will consolidate the already acquired skills. Your abilities will become so diverse that you will open up many opportunities for development. After strong success, you can safely learn English, and learn all the basics. We vouch for this course - it can open your eyes to many things. And most importantly, we do it correctly and simply, so that no one gets tired of learning. For all comers, our center offers online training that will turn homeschooling around. Your class time will change, you will be able to learn much more and enjoy the process. You will have access to all the features of our center without leaving your home. Immerse yourself in the educational world with us. Ours are always open, come and develop. If you do not know where to start, how to pass the training and whether you can master it - trial classes will help you decide on the choice. Also, our teachers will appreciate your knowledge, tell you how to start properly. We can change everything, trust us!

AYALA Educational Center-opens the world of education, which is within the power of everyone. All your difficulties and failures will remain in the past. And you will only go forward, with an excellent knowledge base!

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