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Barista training school Barista Art School

Dosmukhamedov street-44; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7-701-948-48-46
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Barista training school Barista Art School -

Barista training school Barista Art School -

Barista Art School-get the necessary skills for your dream job. The Barista profession is a vocation that needs to be developed accordingly. We specialize in training specialists in coffee preparation. All our graduates are able to work with all the equipment for cooking, and therefore the chances of employment are always high. We also teach working professions. You will not only learn how to prepare an order correctly, but also how to serve it beautifully and interestingly. Our courses include theoretical and practical tasks to get full-fledged skills for work. Our goal is to teach professional skills, and combine this with a creative approach. You will understand everything that your profession requires. Namely: how to choose a variety, distinguish them, prepare them qualitatively, correctly formulate an order, give an individual design,and meet the deadline. It all depends on your desire, and you will find the way here!

Perseverance and hard work are the secret of success in all endeavors. Without them, learning new skills becomes a problem, and affects the overall mood of future plans. We will not allow this - we will teach you to love your work, and the learning process will become a dream for you. After completing our courses, you will receive a certificate that will ensure employment in any institution in the future. You can also teach your own skills by having this document. Our center always helps students, because an individual approach is our responsibility-to find the vocation and abilities of each person. Become a professional with us! We train not only specialists, but also future managers. Our center offers assistance in promoting and opening your business, rules and principles of work in this area. How to find and train staff, create your own brand and enter the market. All this will be possible thanks to us. Don't miss your chance to get a job and dream career. Our center has the latest equipment that allows you to demonstrate your skills as a future specialist. We guarantee that after graduation you will be in demand and will be able to find a job easily. Our center encourages talent and creativity. A flexible schedule gives you complete freedom for classes, and teachers will make training effective. The complex of methods of our program is designed for the most successful assimilation of the material. We will train six people each, and pass the basics of equipment ownership. There you can learn everything that is required of you in a real job. For efficiency, we test your skills in the final task. Your talent will be appreciated! Take our courses, learn new skills, complete your training and get a certificate to build a successful career!

Master your dream job and create art with love!

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