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FIVE D educational center

140 Aitiev street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7‒747‒890‒87‒99
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FIVE D educational center

FIVE D educational center

FIVE D is an educational center for children, where a team of specialists change the child's thinking and develop the necessary skills for success in life. We have the largest stream of students, and after graduation they all lead a disciplined lifestyle and continue to grow and achieve their goals. Our center helps everyone, both children with their development and everyday problems, and parents, so that they do not worry about the child's future. We help in all areas: from mastering and understanding the school curriculum, to developing all the necessary qualities for a successful career. Our goal is to fully develop children and give them motivation to learn. We want to reveal the identity of each child, and therefore apply an individual approach. Creative approach to learning - the skills of our teachers, because they have a lot of experience and know how to help in the study. Our methodology and program is based on international educational standards, which includes the development of skills in all areas: life skills, teamwork, mental abilities, personal qualities, behavior and communication manners.

In the center of personal development, we and our teachers pay great attention to the development and acquisition of personal and intellectual qualities of each child. Our program is divided into a couple of levels, which contributes to full development: we evaluate your abilities and character; find and develop qualities; and you will be able to choose the appropriate methodology and process for individual work. We are engaged in all school subjects, but we use our creative approach in teaching: English, mathematical skills, logic and analysis, oratory, setting and achieving any goals, leadership qualities. We use different training programs so that the child can develop in all directions: self-knowledge and financial literacy. For active children, there is an opportunity to show their skills and spend time usefully - we have literary clubs and clubs, as well as a conversation club in different languages. We are proud and admire the results of our students and constantly improve our methods and programs. Every day we find new opportunities to conduct classes in a non-standard way. this will allow you to diversify your training methods. We have the largest percentage of students who were able to show their skills and achieved success in their environment. We try to create a favorable environment for development in order to speed up the process and diversify the environment. For a good example and an opportunity to show your skills, we organize master classes with successful people from different business and market areas. In order to monitor the progress and guide the child correctly, our center employs staff who will be with students until the end of the educational program. It will create statistics on students and provide them to parents.

We are for versatile training!

Елена 03/05/2022

Деньги берут , а знаний нет

Лохотрон, Деньги берут , а знаний ноль

Net centru 30/03/2022

Просто потраченное время и деньги на ветер

Не советую вообще идти туда, обещают горы, а результат 0!
просто потраченное время

Gulzat 06/11/2021

Ходили летом мои дети в этот центр, им не очень понравилось, в итоге уже четвертый месяц не могу получить деньги за время, которое не ходили мои дети, это сумма около 30 тысяч, каждый раз завтраками кормят, то трубку не берут, постоянно какие то отговорки, верните пожалуйста деньги!!!! Неужели надо обязательно большой скандал???

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