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English Skills educational center

44 Abay Avenue; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7-707-783-09-98
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English Skills educational center

English Skills educational center

English Skills educational center-prepares students for successful completion of the master's test and international certificate. You will acquire the skills of listening to foreign speech, and the ability to work with texts of any complexity.

We provide training in a light form, where special attention is paid to the skills of spoken English, and holistic perception of foreign speech by ear. Our methods of language training develop all aspects of language speech, namely: vocabulary replenishment, full-fledged speech turns, maintaining any conversation, sentences with stable expressions. You can choose the level of complexity of the training process if you want to master all the skills at once, or having a basic base, develop all the others. This will allow students to understand the native speaker regardless of the speed and accent of speech. In our first classes, you start with the basics, get acquainted with the structure of the language, go through the necessary grammar constructions and learn how to use them. We use audio and video materials from leading language schools to develop students ' hearing abilities while simultaneously practicing spoken language. This group is suitable for those who have a basic knowledge of English and want to master it perfectly. To do this, the level complicates grammar, increases the amount of vocabulary, which in the future give an excellent opportunity to communicate on everyday topics. Students who always try to get knowledge, attend the entire educational process and complete homework-get results in a few months. Our program is aimed at improving the skills of competent spoken English. The teaching staff, made up of the best professionals in English, will prepare You from Scratch to a professional to pass the international certification with success. We invite everyone to take trial lessons, where you can find out your result by passing our test.

We also enroll in a children's educational group, where the basic basics of the English language are studied. We provide training in a playful way, where it is easy to learn how to talk. Our children's learning process is conducted with educational materials from leading British publishers. We create circles and clubs to further practice speech skills. The method of active communication is the best way to improve your vocabulary in a short time. This approach to the educational process will increase academic performance and consolidate the knowledge gained. But do not forget about the skills of reading, writing and building grammar - all this is also included in our methodology of language development. Interactive material, an important way to get information, and make the lesson evicted and effective. During the training, Your child will not be left without attention. We provide our services to employees of various companies, and conduct field seminars for our partners.

Learn a foreign language at any age. Develop your speech skills and travel without an interpreter!

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