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HSB Management training center

Tole bi - 109B street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 339‒05‒99; +7‒700‒339‒05‒99
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HSB Management training center -

HSB Management training center -

HSB Management training center – training in new professions, and the opportunity to change your field of activity. We increase the level of financial and legal literacy of the population, and carry out preventive measures to create your business. Our center provides services: professional retraining, advanced training, business training, seminars, personal training, training on labor protection. Our teachers and speakers, who have extensive experience in the market, will tell you all the smallest details of all areas of the industry, and help you with your problems. Together, we can change the approach to creating your business, and make your financial life easier. The center recruits groups of eight people so that teachers can contact you and review your cases. The program will consist of theoretical knowledge and practice to know and understand the system and the principle of operation of another field. Business trainings will include an analysis of the main aspects of doing business, and a conversation program with participants to create a model for discussion based on their example. All your doubts will disappear when you attend our classes!

Professional development or retraining is a crucial moment in the life of every employee. These actions take a lot of time and effort, and often the result is not always positive. With us, you can achieve the desired result and reach a new stage in your professional career. We will analyze your field, delve into the principle of operation, and teach you how to effectively cope with the work. You don't know where to start or how to pass the test – we will help you in all your endeavors! All your problems will be solved by us. You just need to join the training process, show perseverance and hard work. And all your dreams will come true. Our personal training sessions will help you overcome your fears of complex decisions and challenges to become more productive and run your business correctly. There you can gain the necessary skills and become an authority for your subordinates. Your interest will increase when you realize that it's easy. Come to our trial classes and you will see our competence in the field of retraining in the market. Our goal is to make you competitive and in demand in the market, and to create the right demand for services. We will be very happy when you come to our meeting – the preparation will become much easier and more effective. For the General Outlook, we talk about your rights and protection of your business. We will analyze all the legal aspects in order to correctly use them for your own purposes and not get into difficult situations. You will know your rights when hiring or firing, as well as the financial capabilities of your profession.

Our center will help you with your preparation. Improve your skills correctly, and most importantly efficiently!

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