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InterPress language center

Zhetysu-1, Auezovsky district, Almatycity+7-777-757-57-57
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InterPress language center

InterPress language center

InterPress educational center is an international language center that is a leader in the field of foreign language educational programs in the market of our country. Our advantages are that we are a network of language schools in Kazakhstan, and are part of the international organization of educational schools. Our Qualified teachers have extensive experience in the field of educational services, and we are actively looking for foreign teachers who have international certificates. We introduce new communication methods through teaching in one language, which allows us to overcome the language barrier. We develop the necessary language skills: constructive conversation, ability to Express emotions, conduct listening, and write like a real native speaker. Our building is fully equipped with interactive whiteboards. If you want to learn: Fluency in the language; understand foreign films, study abroad, read foreign literature, discuss any topic; the opportunity to be in another country without an interpreter, to have a career in a foreign company - all this you can get from us!

Our qualified teachers always help to create innovative methods in the field of educational process, find and prepare materials for each lesson. They conduct international tests, use video materials, and organize events to build a team and maintain skills. For everyone, we have a professional development center for teachers, the first and only one in Kazakhstan. We have a huge database of programs in the teaching field, and prepare future teachers for changes in the labor market and professional growth opportunities; we conduct seminars to successfully pass international exams, and gives you the full opportunity to attend partner seminars and conferences, regardless of experience. After our courses, you will be able to organize events in all cities yourself. At our seminars, you get the opportunity to get acquainted with the professional base of the center and master international materials from different publishers. In the courses, we teach the basics of conducting classes, improving the language, and preparing people for entrance exams, as well as preparatory programs for participants in international qualification categories. At the end of the course, you are awarded certificates that give you the right to teach English in any country, and take exams from other teachers.

To get started, you can take the entrance test and find out your level. This is done for free. We will determine your potential and create an individual educational program aimed at in-depth study of the material. At the end of each semester, we evaluate the quality of knowledge, after which you will be able to move to the next level. Sign up for our courses and you will ensure a successful future for your child!

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