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IQ plus educational center

Akkent microdistrict; Alatau district, Almaty city+7-747-557-48-77
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IQ plus educational center

IQ plus educational center

IQ plus educational center is the best place where you can improve your intellectual abilities. We are engaged in all-round development training, and we cover all areas of life. Our center trains children and adults to develop the right skills for work and everyday life. The comprehensive program of our center will allow you to delve into all aspects of development, and effectively increase the level. You can choose the intensity and level of training, and we will select the training method and process for you. Our highly qualified teaching staff has many years of experience and many well-deserved awards. Thanks to our team, we can offer an individual approach that allows you to use the training program more effectively. We even teach children. They will get only the necessary and useful information, which will allow them to reach incredible heights in the future. Our goal is to make education accessible, and most importantly, high-quality and reliable.

We will help you develop: intellectual abilities, learn to analyze and make the right decisions, correctly and clearly Express your thoughts and feelings. Also, for full development, we teach foreign languages. This allows you to remember information faster and better, which opens up great opportunities. You can choose the degree and level of training, make your own schedule and number of classes. If you have basic knowledge and don't want to stop there, we offer an individual program where you can choose your own subject or field. We also provide classes for the youngest: General development and preschool training, extended training. The earlier you begin to develop, the more opportunities are available to the child. Learning English will allow you to develop multi-sided thinking and memory. We will teach you all the basics of language proficiency: auditory and speech skills, writing and reading, grammar and sentence structure. And after a few classes, your child will be able to understand and translate stories, and most importantly, do their own homework. For school children, we offer tutoring and extension courses. We will re-pass the problem material and successfully fix it. This will allow you to continue learning and successfully acquire new knowledge. We always have only an up-to-date and in-demand program that allows you to do everything: develop your mental abilities, learn a new language, prepare for exams, and prepare for the new academic year. We monitor your progress, and if you have any questions or problems, we will always help you. We pay attention to each child and give them motivation to get new information. You will be happy with your child's results. Do not delay learning, because it will always be necessary in life. Together, we can do everything, and most importantly easily and affordable.

Our center, the opportunity to realize any desire, and become successful in everything!

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