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KnewIT programming school

117 Makatayev street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7-701-938-04-63
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KnewIT programming school -

KnewIT programming school -

KnewIT programming school-training in the sought-after profession of a programmer, where you will be made a specialist. We offer the following services: computer engineering courses, software development and support, professional retraining in other fields. Our center has equipment and materials for demonstration in the classroom. And for practical tasks, all conditions are created to check the results of each student. We teach only popular programming languages, and we do it conscientiously. You will know all the basics, syntax, and be able to implement tasks yourself. For those who want to study at home, we offer online training. There you can receive materials and tasks in electronic form, and call the teacher for a detailed discussion. Our goal is to make you a real expert in your field. If you already have the skills, or have become a specialist, but want to take a different direction - we offer individual classes where you can retrain for any other option. We teach even the smallest children. Your child will learn programming on their own, because they will love it. Our experts have a huge experience in developing applications and websites, and they are ready to teach you this. We have prepared a set of techniques and programs that are easy to learn and connect life with programming. We will go through each topic in depth in order to understand the essence of the work, demonstrate the capabilities of languages, and give practical tasks. You will be able to choose the most popular and popular programming languages, and master them perfectly. For those who already work in this field, we provide services to promote and maintain the development. It will teach you how to stay in demand in the labor market, and help you implement the project. To expand the horizons of children and adults, we conduct computer courses where you will get to know the technical part of your device better. You will learn how to maintain your computer, as well as how to work correctly on the Internet and in applications. After all, today, computers are used in all areas of our lives, and to know how they work is a must. We will be happy to teach you everything we know. And you will become more familiar with computer technology from all sides. All our courses start with the basic basics and gradually increase the level of study. Teachers will answer any question you may have and adapt to your requirements. Flexible working hours will allow you to spend more time studying, and online training will make learning accessible to everyone. Come to the trial session, where you will see how our specialists work, and how they present the material for work. Choose a programming language, and achieve perfection in its knowledge. KnewIT center unites people with one goal-to become a specialist!

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