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LeaDer educational center

Maylin street-84; Turksib district, Almaty city&a
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LeaDer educational center -

LeaDer educational center -

LeaDer educational center-teach your child only the necessary knowledge. Your professional help is already here, and training will go up. We help you avoid failures in the educational process. The school curriculum is getting more and more complex, and children are not able to correctly perceive so much information. But we will solve your problem-a comprehensive training aimed at gradual development will be able to "arrange all the information in the right order". You can enjoy learning, be interested in the many possibilities of your skills, and learn new things correctly. Thanks to our methods and programs, your training will be easy. We offer you our services: assistance in learning, learning English and Kazakh, speed reading, chess club and online training. You will be satisfied with the quality and result of our center. Our qualified teachers who know their work will open up a wonderful world of knowledge and opportunities for you. We are sure that everyone will find a way to learn. And our constant support will increase this desire. This is why it is so important to apply an individual approach to find out the thoughts and intentions of each child. Our center is the embodiment of all your possibilities. Learn the full power of knowledge, get an excellent base for training. Find an interest in knowledge. Come to us and start training. We provide strong knowledge for a successful future!

Online learning makes learning more accessible. You can study at any time, complete tasks without leaving your home. You have many options for how to get knowledge. We give you a chance to learn English for real. You will know all the rules and structure of the language, master basic knowledge and be able to pronounce words correctly. Our foreign material will allow you to practice as a native speaker. Become part of a new language. For fans of intellectual games, we offer chess circles. You will be able to find a useful hobby that will develop your mental abilities. Strategic thinking, analysis of what is happening, and innovative solutions will make your child a real genius. And our speed reading groups will allow you to improve your life skills, increase your level of development, develop speech skills and train your memory. Everything is in your hands-knowledge is available to every student who wants to learn for real. If you want to continue your training on weekends, we offer extended day groups. Mind your own business while we monitor your child's development. The entire learning process is under our control, and we know how to teach others. It is important for us to provide training to every child. You will also get your knowledge!

LeaDer educational center - real training that is available to everyone. It's time to learn about life. Your necessary knowledge is waiting for you!

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