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Level UP education network of language schools

52 Aitiev street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7‒707‒991‒07‒47 +7 (727) 391‒07‒47
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Level UP education network of language schools

Level UP education network of language schools

Level UP education is a network of language schools offering foreign language training, General courses, intensive programs, conversational courses, business courses, intensive courses, grammars of various levels, and interview preparation. We prepare students to take international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, and prepare for the University entrance exams and the final UNT exam. We conduct an intensive course for admission to state educational institutions, and we are recruiting for a children's group for training in the primary educational base. We also conduct our own training abroad - our students can visit any city in any country.

Our specific training is a great attention to conversational programs, individual and non-standard approach to learning foreign languages for all ages, as well as corporate and field training. Highly qualified teachers, convenient class times, individual approach-these are our main aspects of the educational process.

Our advantages: a network of language schools located all over the city; innovative and popular teaching methods used by prestigious institutions from different countries; conducting non-standard classes so that our students learn new skills in learning, and can find a way out of any situation. To do this, we have a team of highly qualified teachers who have extensive experience in teaching, and are always ready to conduct interesting and high-quality classes for studying.

We can offer you several types of classes: group training and individual training; private travel for office or company employees; foreign training, with our support in any country; training and preparation for all certificates and exams; school curriculum training, and in-depth study of mathematics, physics, chemistry and other subjects. Our pricing policy is based on the choice of program and form of classes. If you don't know your child's level, our experts will help you choose the program and level of classes based on your goals and ambitions, so that the classes are effective for You. Classes are held at all levels of training. We have advanced training courses for employees of various companies. Thanks to the creative approach of each teacher, we develop an educational program that is suitable for everyone. All our training materials and manuals meet international standards and are easy to learn. We conduct training seminars and conferences, partner programs and trainings to provide students with new opportunities to apply their knowledge.

We teach not only writing and reading, but also a professional conversational style, the ability to think in other languages, Express your emotions and thoughts like a real foreigner. Come to our classes to make sure of our professionalism, and start your study!

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