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MIA Education center

241 Mukanov street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+ 7‒707‒765‒00‒00
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MIA Education center

MIA Education center

MIA Education center-we prepare students for the unified final exam ENT. We have: different levels of training, groups with different languages of instruction, professional and competent teachers and up-to-date educational material. We recruit a group of eight people, prepare for all subjects, conduct trial tests and conduct classes three times a week. We also conduct individual recruitment, where everything depends on you: the schedule of visits, the intensity, and the study of selected subjects. We have 15 best teachers who pass the certification in half a year. We update the educational program and track the progress of each student. All our students gain a passing score and enter prestigious Universities.

To get into a prestigious educational institution, you need to get a passing UNT score. The educational center will help you - we teach in Russian and Kazakh. In our curriculum, taking into account the requirements of the Ministry of Education, we cover all educational disciplines, and give you the opportunity to pass trial tests. Students are trained by qualified teachers with specialized education. They improve their skills and pass certification every six months. Every month, students take a trial test to consolidate their knowledge. The intensity and load of the educational process is independently adjusted by the student, depending on academic performance and free time. We conduct one-hour classes in rooms with advanced technologies. For your convenience, we conduct your training online - through video conferences with comprehensive training in all subjects. Remote online training is an effective and cost-effective way to study. All our teachers are able to handle new technologies, which allows you to increase the level of online training. This direction allows you to recruit students from all over the country, which simplifies the search for training centers. Our comprehensive exam preparation will allow you to successfully apply for the grant. Online testing of students will allow you to identify problem areas at each stage of training. We offer courses in all core subjects: mathematics, history, physics, chemistry, English, biology, geography. Our methodologists will help you choose the appropriate course, group, and method of conducting classes.

We want to save you from the excitement of passing exams, and show that it is easy. This is why we conduct monthly verification tests. If you have a certain level of knowledge, we will prepare a new training method that will address your gaps and help you consolidate the result. We also conduct private classes in selected subjects and study this area in detail. Our prices depend on the choice of training, and conducting in groups. Everyone can take a free trial lesson and test their knowledge in our test.

Choose prestigious educational institutions, pass entrance exams, and overcome difficulties with us!

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