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Education center Motus education

Street Biokombinata - 7a; Bostandyk district, Almaty+ 7 (777) 486-29-29
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Education center Motus education

Education center Motus education

Motus education center is an opportunity to realize a dream and get a huge amount of knowledge for a successful future life. Our team prepares future students for the best educational institutions in the country and abroad. We adhere to all high standards and quality of training. We will help you prepare for all entrance exams with excellent results and get international certificates. Our training is carried out in three stages: defining skills, goal and choosing your direction, learning process and achieving unprecedented results. We use innovative solutions to maximize learning, divide our course into several parts, and conduct testing to consolidate the results.

Your training will be joined by highly qualified teachers who deservedly have international certificates. They carefully plan each lesson, and always give you the opportunity to show your skills in practice. To understand the learning process, our team provides video and audio materials, foreign literature, and only the most effective teaching methods. If your child wants to go to a special school or a prestigious institution, you need the appropriate knowledge that we provide. Almost all of our students successfully pass the entrance exam and start a successful student life. Average training period: 5-11 months, which fully guarantees the correct assimilation of educational material. This gives you full confidence in your abilities. To fully immerse yourself in the educational process, we hold partner conferences where everyone is interested in one goal-to become successful. But success is achieved by backbreaking work: daily classes, additional courses, passing trial tests. These are the main principles of teaching in Motus education.

Depending on your field of study, we prepare training materials based on external changes in the market and study the criteria for admission to Universities. We conduct our own checks on the knowledge of the material in order to direct the Laggards in the right direction. If you have a certain level, or you learn the learning process well, our teachers will select an individual training system with a higher level of training. International certificates give you the opportunity to study abroad and conduct your own training. They can help you enroll in international educational institutions, and build a career in a foreign company. We provide free advice on how to conduct training, choose a certificate and exam, the cost of training and the intensity of the educational process. Pricing policy is based on the choice of training and training period. Free trial classes and private training are available.

With us, you can pass any exam, enter the University of your dreams and achieve success in your own career. Start preparing now!

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