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Profit Training training center

41 zharokova street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 313‒18‒54; +7 (727) 327‒19‒15
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Profit Training training center -

Profit Training training center -

Profit Training training center - we will teach you the correct accounting skills. Our center specializes in training qualified accounting personnel. Your dream is realized here. We also conduct active professional retraining of personnel. We can offer you the most effective and high-quality training program that will make you a specialist. Our teachers are qualified specialists who have been working in the field of training for a long time. We guarantee your success in training and getting a job. Our goal is to provide only high-quality materials and knowledge so that you will be in demand on the labor market at the end of our course. Our center has created its own training program and methods of conducting classes, which is designed for everyone. You will be able to learn more about your profession, complete relevant practical tasks and become a master of your craft. Come to our center, we help everyone to become happier. We are ready to train anyone who really wants to become a professional. Come to trial classes and get only the right experience!

We recruit groups of eight people so that classes are more effective and everyone is given an individual approach. Classes will be held several times a week, and include a set of exercises and theoretical knowledge. For everyone, we have created online training that facilitates the learning process and makes it more accessible. There you will be able to choose a schedule for classes, and safely study from home. We will be happy to help you with your training and adjust to your schedule and wishes. For those who want to have the courage to get answers to all your questions, we organize seminars and trainings that will help you with your situations. Your future is in our hands - we guarantee your success in training. All you have to do is really want to learn and achieve your goals. Our professional development courses are an opportunity for successful career growth. We will make you a professional in a short time. Trust us and we will fulfill your wishes. Fulfill your dream in the field of accounting services. Upon completion of our courses, you will receive a certificate. It will allow you to become competitive in the market, improve your skills, a good position in the company and a stable income. What you need to do is come to our class, choose your own schedule and start training. Our teachers will help you with any questions, pass on their experience and make you a real accountant. Get an accountant's certificate in three months and improve your professional status!

Profit Training training center - your help in training. Become a professional and get your dream job!

Виктор Фатеев 19/03/2020

Хорошая подсветка

Денис Мельников 28/12/2019

Эко здание))) с двумя теслами

Радион Парыгин 19/11/2019

Профессоналы своего дела, отличный учебный центр для бухгалтеров

Alex von R. 15/04/2019

Комфортная учебная аудитория в офисном здании класса А. Курсы читают тренеры Аудиторы и Профессиональные бухгалтера.
Есть обучение на Профессионального бухгалтера РК, АССА ДипИФР, курсы повышения квалификации по налогообложению, МСФО, труду и кадрам. Вкусные кофебрейки.

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